Latest 1W DC-DC converter footprint shrinks by 34 percent

06-07-2015 | Murata | Power

Around one third smaller than its predecessors, the new from Murata Power Solutions MTC1 series of miniature isolated 1W regulated single-output DC-DC converters is available with nominal input voltages of 12 or 24 VDC and accommodate a 2:1 input range around the selected nominal. Having such a wide input range allows for use in designs with different nominal input voltages or in situations where wide voltage deviations might occur.

The range comprises six single-output models providing 3.3V, 5V or 12VDC for both the 12 and 24VDC nominal inputs. No additional regulation components are required since the MTC1 output is fully regulated to within +/- 0.5% of stated output. A voltage trim pin allows adjustment of the output voltage by +/- 10% to suit any special voltage requirements. A remote on/off pin provides the ability to disable the output for application power saving.

Input to output isolation conforms to the international safety insulation standard UL60950 (Pending). With its certification to the medical safety standard ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 for 2 MOOPs the converter is suitable for use in a wide range of medical and healthcare applications. Occupying 34% less PCB area that competing parts the MTC1 can operate up to 105C with derating, says the company.

Ann-Marie Bayliss, product marketing manager, Murata Power Solutions, said: “The MTC1 with its 34% smaller footprint, UL60950 reinforced insulation and 3rd edition medical safety standard compliance offers enhanced product features in a miniature package.”

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