Innovation in artificial intelligence, and home and factory automation

03-07-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser has announced it is teaming up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara and a group of visionaries in the home and factory automation industry, including Insteon, AiroCorp, TE Connectivity, and Factory Automation Systems, to announce a new Home and Factory Automation Series showcased through articles, videos, engineering blogs, and interviews. The new Home and Factory Automation Series is part of the Empowering Innovation Together program and is available only on Mouser's web site. It focuses on innovative automation technologies that were once only seen in science fiction movies or TV shows like The Jetsons. It highlights some of the companies that are making these technologies a reality. Filmed on location inside the Insteon smart home, known as Insteon's engineering lab, engineers can learn about the newest technology connecting the human experience with devices to make everyday life more efficient and productive. For example, discover how new factory automations are being embedded across factory floors to provide better efficiencies with real-time data leading to an optimization of the global supply chain. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, factories have looked to increase productivity with automation. Analysts have said we will soon see a completely automated factory. With the new Innovation Spotlight, watch a new era of automation that makes factories smarter by building easily scalable network machines to ensure codes are met and productivity is more efficient. Home Automation is the promise of technology that understands humans on a deeper level. Engineers are now designing homes with voice command-driven automated technology. In the future, homes will have artificial intelligence seen in movies like 'Iron Man' that will respond without a command. It knows and understands your needs. Learn what technology is currently available and what is being developed to make home automation ideas a reality. The home automation topic is about futuristic thinking and invites engineers to explore these answers, says the company. "We are excited to introduce some of the leading innovators in the fields of artificial intelligence, and home and factory automation," said Glenn Smith, President and CEO, Mouser. "This program is going to be very engaging for many of our customers, and brings a whole new meaning to 'connecting' our engineers with both educational and relevant content. We anticipate a great response on the new series from our engineering community." Grant Imahara, added: "With new devices coming out like the Apple Watch and the Nest Learning Thermostat, this connected technology and Home and Factory Automation Series couldn't be timelier. Our society has such a huge dependence on smartphones, tablets, computers, and similar technologies to make their lives easier that this move to the connected home and factory makes perfect sense." Visitors can watch what the experts have to say in Mouser's Innovation Spotlight, as Grant Imahara conducts key interviews with some of the leading automation companies, including networking technology expert Insteon, artificial intelligence and automation startup AiroCorp, and factory automation leaders TE Connectivity and Factory Automation Systems. The Empowering Innovation Together Home and Factory Automation Series is sponsored by Platinum Program Partner Analog Devices and Diamond sponsors Altera, Murata, and TE Connectivity. This new series is the third installment and follow-up to the popular Robotics and Space series programs launched earlier this year from Mouser Electronics and Grant Imahara.


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