Light-force subminiature micro switch for pressure applications

08-07-2015 | Microprecision | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Numerous process control applications depend on pressure switches to operate reliably. To convert a physical pressure differential into an electrical signal a mechanical switch inside is used. Microprecision Electronics is now offering a new variation of its MP500 sealed subminiature micro switch for this type of application.

Compared to the standard version with an actuating force of max 2.5N, the new MP520 has a lower actuating force of max 1N. The differential force is only about 0.2N. The differential travel of less than 0.05mm and a fast change over time of 5ms are also important parameters for process applications.

The Series MP500 is UL61058 and EN61058 approved for a power rating of 250VAC/ 5A with an operating temperature between -40C and 105C. Termination options are PCB pins, solder lugs or cable. To adapt to special applications, the actuators can be custom designed, says the company.

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