PIC32 Harmony software decoder framework and Microsoft WMA decoder library

24-06-2015 | Microchip Technology | Design & Manufacture

Microchip has introduced the PIC32 Harmony Software Decoder Framework and
Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA) Decoder Library for 32-bit PIC32
microcontroller (MCU)-based consumer-audio application development within
the MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework. The WMA Decoder Library
includes a new modular framework for audio decoders, including support for
MP3 and AAC, allowing easier audio application development.

Microchip's Audio Decoder Framework allows for audio software codecs to be
easily added to a PIC32 design project. Rather than having to rewrite large
sections of application code, the framework allows for easier integration
into an existing customer application after the corresponding decoder
library has been purchased. The WMA Decoder increases the depth of the
library for PIC32 MCU-supported audio decoders, in addition to MP3 and AAC.
This increases the range of audio formats that designers can choose to
support. The audio decoder framework within the Harmony environment allows
designers to easily add, subtract and switch between various software-based
audio decoders. Additionally, including a WMA decoder gives developers an
even wider set of options and support for audio playback.

The WMA Decoder Library is targeted for low-cost applications in the
consumer markets, such as audio docks, home audio receivers and automotive
head units. It gives developers added flexibility in decoder options that
play back from internal or removable media. The addition of a WMA decoder
library further expands the audio application flexibility of PIC32-based
designs, building upon existing USB and Bluetooth streaming audio solutions.

The Microsoft WMA Decoder Library is supported by Microchip's free MPLAB
Harmony Integrated Software Framework and the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio
Development Kit (DV320032).

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