Surface-mount power inductors target automotive applications

06-05-2015 | TTI Europe | Passives

Now available from TTI Europe, five ranges of Bourns surface-mount power
inductors target automotive applications. A broad array of magnetic
components and solutions is available to meet a variety of application

Available types include the SRP1038A, SRP1238A, SRP1245A, SRP1265A and
SRP7028A power inductors. They are manufactured with a carbonyl powder core
featuring high saturation current and shielded construction for low magnetic
radiation and are available inductances are 0.1 - 47┬ÁH. Inductor footprints
range from 7.3mm x 6.6mm to 13.5mm x 12.5mm; heights range from 2.8mm to
6.2mm; Irms up to 55A and Isat up to 118A.

Typical automotive applications include driver assistant devices,
information / entertainment systems and lighting. These devices are AEC-Q200
qualified and the electrical characteristics and dimensions are functionally
equivalent to the existing standard series, says the company.

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