First fully integrated 5A single-cell Li-ion battery-charger

06-05-2015 | Texas Instruments | Power

Enabling faster and cooler charging, Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced what it believes is the industry’s first fully-integrated 5A single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-charger circuit with proprietary MaxCharge technology that reduces charge time up to 60 percent compared to existing battery chargers.

The bq25892 switch-mode charger gives users a safer charging experience while still maximizing the benefits of a faster charge time, currently unseen in the industry. MaxCharge technology faster charge times and cooler charging to improve user experience and extend the overall life of electronics in many Li-ion applications, including smartphones, tablets, drones, power banks, and industrial and medical equipment.

The highly-efficient charger, which charges at 3.5A with minimal 18°C temperature rise, facilitates faster and cooler charging by combining narrow-voltage DC-DC power path management with TI’s MaxCharge technology to support input voltages up to 14V while providing charge current up to 5A, says the company.

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