Switch detection interface ICs suit wide range of automotive and industrial applications

02-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks Freescale's MC33978/34978 switch detection interface ICs.
The multiple switch detection interface (MSDI) devices are designed to
detect the closing and opening of up to 22 switch contacts in automotive or
industrial environments.

The switch status, either open or closed, is transferred to the
microprocessor unit (MCU) through a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The
SMARTMOS device also features a 24-to-1 analog multiplexer for reading
analog inputs. The analog input signal is buffered and provided on the
analog multiplexer (AMUX) output pin for the MCU to read. Individually
selectable input currents are available in Normal and Low-Power Mode (LPM),
as needed in the application.

A battery and temperature monitor are included in the IC and are available
via the AMUX pin. The device interfaces with any microcontroller that
supports SPI communications, says the company.

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