Readily available oscillators with several temperature, frequency and stability options

18-03-2015 | IDT | Passives

IDT's Fox Electronics has greatly expanded its line of off-the-shelf 3.3V crystal oscillators (XOs). The stocked options now include standard packages offered in several different frequencies and in sizes down to 2mm x 1.6mm.

Available oscillators include both high-performance versions, operating from -40C to +85C with stabilities as tight as ±25ppm, and low-cost oscillators, with a temperature range of -20C to +70C and stabilities to ±50ppm. Each package size comes in a variety of frequency ranges for use in several different industrial, consumer and computing applications.

Designed for a wide range of application-specific environments, the broad line of standard oscillators give system designers the ability to quickly integrate a readily-available, stocked component to meet specific needs for modern mobile and communications-based electronics, says the company.

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