Space-saving Bluetooth low-energy module suits many compact design needs

13-03-2015 | Digikey | Subs & Systems

TDK's Bluetooth V4.0 low-energy module is now available from Digi-Key. The
module features a proprietary space-saving 'SESUB' design (semiconductor
embedded in SUBstrate). By embedding the IC, the SESUB design saves an area
of 65% compared to conventional modules.

Other features include :
1 - Micro size of 4.6mm x 5.6mm x 1mm (L x W x H) - ideal for wearable
2 - Separate antenna type that allows more flexibility in product design
3 - Low noise emission

Applications include healthcare / fitness devices such as physical activity
monitors, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, etc., home and
entertainment devices such as remote controls, toys, lighting apparatus,
etc., and PC accessories such as mice, keyboards, stylus pens, presentation
pointers, etc.

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