High-resolution programmable angle sensor with SPI interface

30-03-2015 | Digikey | Test & Measurement

Available now from Digi-Key stock, Allegro's A1334 is a 360 degree
contactless, high resolution magnetic angle position sensor based on
circular vertical hall (CVH) technology. The sensor is a system-on-a-chip
device that includes a CVH front end, programmable digital signal processing
and SPI interface.

The A1334 is seen as ideal for automotive and industrial applications
requiring end-of-shaft, high-speed, 0 to 360 degree angle measurements. With
a fast angle refresh rate of 25Āµsecs it produces accurate angle measurements
even on target magnets rotating at very high RPM rates. It is also ideal
for slower speed applications where it can provide accurate angle
measurements with 12-bits of resolution, says the company.

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