Power inductors provide comprehensive DC-DC converter management support

18-03-2015 | Bourns | Passives

A semi-shielded power inductor offering one of the industry’s widest selections of footprint, profile and inductance value options, the SRN4012T has been introduced by Bourns. It designed using superior semi-magnetic shielding technology and offers a breadth of options with footprints of 2mm x 1.6mm to 8mm x 8mm and low-profile 1mm to 4.5mm heights while delivering a broad 0.47µH to 470µH inductance range.

The 1.2mm low-profile, 0.47 -22µH inductance range and 3.2A rated current of the SRN4012T series inductors make it well-suited to DC-DC converters, which provide power management to mobile electronic devices, computers, data storage and consumer electronics. It is also optimized to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications that include LED lighting, control circuits and GPS, says the company.

“Bourns’ semi-magnetic shielding technology provides a higher level of magnetic shielding and lower radiation emissions compared to non-shielded inductors,” said Guido Zehnder, product manager, Bourns, Inc. “Offering a cost-effective solution compared to competitively-sized conventional ferrite shield inductors, this new model also delivers the lower profile and inductance range required for today’s smaller mobile electronic devices as well as next-generation industrial applications.”

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