Cost-effective position sensor for dosing systems

13-02-2015 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

The WAL200 potentiometric sensor from Contelec is now available exclusively
in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor. The tried and tested conductive plastic
technology potentiometer has been developed specifically as a cost-effective
solution for valve position feedback in industrial volumetric and
gravimetric dosing applications.

The durable and compact sensor is just 22mm in diameter and 7mm thick, with
a 6mm diameter keyed through hole and an anti-twist pin for simple
installation in syringe type dispensers. Ensuring high accuracy and
repeatability of the dosing process, the sensor has a +/- 1% linearity,
+/-0.3 degree resolution and a 280 degree electrical angle, which can be
extended to a maximum of 340 degrees. With a generous shock and vibration
resistance the IP50 protection class sensor is cost effective and well
suited solution for precise dosing control, says the company.

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