Low-power single, dual and quad op amps for general-purpose applications

17-02-2015 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The low-power Texas Instruments OPA316 family of single, dual and quad operational amplifiers represents a new generation of general-purpose devices.

Featuring rail-to-rail input and output swings, low quiescent current (400µA/ch typical) combined with a wide bandwidth of 10MHz and very-low noise (11nVvHz at 1 kHz) make the family attractive for a variety of applications that require a good balance between cost and performance. The low input bias current supports those operational amplifiers to be used in applications with Mohm source impedances.

The design of the OPA316 provides ease-of-use to the circuit designer by offering stable unity-gain, integrated RFI/EMI rejection filter, no phase reversal in overdrive condition and high electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection (4-kV HBM), says the company.

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