VCXOs designed to meet today’s requirements for 3.3V LVDS clock-generation needs

04-02-2015 | RS Components | Passives

Designed to meet today’s requirements for 3.3V LVDS clock generation applications, ON Semiconductor's NBVSPXXXX voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) devices are now available from RS Components.

The devices use a high-Q fundamental mode crystal and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) multiplier to provide a wide range of frequencies from 60 MHz to 700 MHz (factory configurable per user specifications) with a pullable range of ±100 ppm and a frequency stability of ±50 ppm. The silicon-based PureEdge products design provides users with exceptional frequency stability and reliability. They produce an ultra low jitter and phase noise LVDS differential output, says the company.

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