Develop and implement a wireless sensor or control network

09-02-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Available now from Mouser, the CEL ZMW-KIT-ETH-1 MeshWorks Ethernet Gateway Development Kit demonstrates the MeshWorks turnkey wireless solution for fast development and implementation of a wireless sensor or control network. Based on CEL's Mini Module line of Ember EM35x-based transceivers from Silicon Labs, the MeshWorks Ethernet Gateway contains the industry's premier 802.15.4 stack, EmberZNet PRO. MeshWorks allows designers to easily customize their network and get it up and running to the cloud in mere hours. This new system is novel in that it makes previously complex mesh networking systems incredibly fast and easy to implement for anyone with rudimentary python scripting skills. MeshWorks software features the ScriptNinja simple built-in step-by-step script generator tool.

By Electropages Admin