Automotive-grade high-current power inductors in compact surface-mount packages

12-02-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Coiltronics / Eaton HCMA0703 series automotive grade high-current power
inductors are now stocked by Mouser. The compact footprint (7.4m x 7mm)
magnetically-sealed devices feature low EMI and a frequency range up to
5MHz. The inductors are AEC-Q200 Grade 3 qualified with high current
carrying capacity and low core losses.

Applications include body electronics, such as vehicle access control
system, lighting, HVAC, and controls for doors, windows, and seats; advanced
driver assistance systems including 77GHz radar systems, ACC (adaptive
cruise control), automatic parking control, and collision avoidance system;
infotainmnet and cluster electronics; and safety electronics like ESC
(Electronic Stability Control System) and airbag control units.

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