Low-capacitance ESD protection TVS diode arrays optimized for fast-charging peripherals

04-02-2015 | Littelfuse | Semiconductors

Designed to provide superior ESD protection for current-intensive applications, such as fast-charging peripherals or PoweredUSB, Littelfuse, has introduced the SP1255P Series of low-capacitance ESD protection TVS diode arrays (SPA diodes). Typical applications include ESD protection for smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics.

The SP1255P Series integrates three channels of ultra-low capacitance steering diodes with a low voltage TVS diode to provide maximum ESD protection of the USB data and ID pins per the IEC 61000-4-2 standard. With a dynamic resistance of just 0.3ohm, they provide clamping voltages up to 23 percent lower than similar silicon solutions. A high surge current protection device with a working voltage of 12V is allocated for Vbus protection; this device protects against lightning level fast transients of up to 100A on the USB Vbus line.

“The SP1255P Series offers a new approach to protecting the charging functions of tablets and smartphones against high current fast transients, whether they’re induced by nature or by erratic electrical grids.,” said Chad Marak, product line director. “Their space-saving footprint and low profile make them ideal for ESD protection applications in a variety of portable consumer electronics where board space is at a premium.”

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