Tight-tolerance thin-film precision resistors offer expanded TCR values

15-01-2015 | Stackpole | Passives

Stackpole's proven thin-film precision RNCF Series has expanded its value ranges to be one of the broadest in the industry for 0.01% tolerances and 10ppm TCR, says the company. In addition to the value range expansion, the RNCF Series is also available in 0201 case size down to 0.5% tolerance and ±25ppm (49.9 to 5k). Finally, as the applications that require low temperature coefficient resistors continue to climb, so do the demands for precision resistors. To address this demand, Stackpole has expanded the RNCF Series TCR range down to ±5ppm for 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010 and 2512 case sizes. The resistance value range improvement enables the RNCF to be used for a wide range of precision application requirements including instrumentation, precision controls, robotics, medical monitoring equipment. RNCF0402 - 49.9ohm to 12kohm RNCF0603 - 24.9ohm to 100kohm RNCF0805 - 24.9ohm to 200kohm RNCF1206 and larger sizes - 24.9ohms to 500kohm

By Craig Dyball