Calibrated and temperature-compensated mass-flow measurement for smart gas boilers

23-01-2015 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion's calibrated and temperature-compensated sensors and sensor solutions ensure precise and reliable measurement of the air mass to a combustion chamber. This expertise enables not only higher boiler efficiency but also a significant increase in the modulation ratio, which, in turn, enhances the comfort and lifetime of the boiler. Due to their compact size and flexible modification options, Sensirion's solutions for mass flow measurement can be installed in any boiler. In addition, the proven sensors 'guarantee' a wide dynamic control range, the elimination of zeropoint drift, outstanding repeatability and accuracy and the option of certified intrinsic safety. Sensirion also offers sensor solutions for the measurement of temperature and relative humidity, as well as natural gas with gas quality compensation. The sensor performance is based on the patented CMOSens Technology, in which the sensor component and the evaluation circuit are integrated on a single CMOS microchip. In conjunction with a specially developed sensor packaging, the result is a more cost-effective system with significantly higher precision and repeatability, representing a quantum leap in mass flow and differential pressure measurement, says the company. AHR Expo trade fair, Chicago, USA, 26 to 28 January 2015.

By Craig Dyball