USB 2.0 Jack with Integrated EMC and ESD filters in a single component

05-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Integrating for the first time an EMI filter, ESD filter, and connector all in one USB component, the Wurth Electronics WE-EPLE USB 2.0 Jack is now available from Mouser stock. The WE-EPLE provides ESD Protection of data channels and VDD. It features ultra-low capacitance of 2pF typical. The integrated EMC filter eliminates broadband interference on voltage and signal lines, and at the same time, is almost invisible for the signal lines. This device features VCC filter impedance above 100ohm in the 20MHz range to an excess of 1GHz. It offers common-mode suppression at 240MHz in excess of 250ohm. It features ESD suppression at levels of 10V at level 4 ESD pulses with 15kV.