Low dropout linear regulators generate termination voltage for DDR-SDRAM systems

14-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Designed to generate the termination voltage for DDR-SDRAM systems, Diodes Inc's AP2303x DDR LDO low dropout linear regulators are now available from Mouser. The regulator can source or sink up to 1.75A current continuously. The output voltage is regulated to track tightly with the reference voltage (1/2VDDQ) within ±10mV. The AP2303x supports soft start-up when used to turn on the VCNTL and VREFEN. It integrates a shutdown circuit that will be triggered once the voltage of VIN, VCNTL or VREFEN falls below a certain value. AP2303x features over temperature protection and current limit protection for both source and sink. AP2303x is available in packages of SOIC-8 and PSOP-8.

By Craig Dyball