Test lab increases productivity replacing dial indicators with LVDT linear position sensors

05-01-2015 | Macro Sensors | Design Applications

A material testing laboratory is now operating more efficiently and with
greater productivity by replacing multiple error-prone dial indicators with
Macro Sensors' SE 750 Series linear variable differential transformers
(LVDT) linear position sensors to conduct thermal expansion measurement on
plastic components as part of testing services offered to clients involved
in product development and R&D.

Requiring intensive human intervention to obtain readings, the original dial
indicators were prone to error and required multiple operators to configure
and complete a test that had to be scheduled during work hours.

Ten times more accurate in quantifying thermal expansion measurement, the
LVDT linear position sensors eliminate the chance of human error and
automate the testing process so measurements could be taken at different
intervals, even during the weekend, to extend productivity. The SE 750
Series of 19mm sensors also provide the established high resolution, high
repeatability and low hysteresis characteristics associated with LVDT

With built-in electronics, the DC-operated LVDTs provide a pre-calibrated
voltage output that interfaces with data loggers to automatically process
results without waiting for data to be manually input into a computer. As a
result of using Macro Sensors LVDTs, the material testing laboratory is
reducing lead times, providing clients with results more quickly and
accurately as well as increasing productivity by conducting thermal
expansion testing on an as-needed basis without waiting for available
operators, says the company.

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