Feature-rich high-performance tower system supports rapid development

27-01-2015 | Farnell element14 | Design & Manufacture

Farnell element14 now stocks the feature-rich high-performance Freescale
QorIQ TWR-LS1021A Layerscape Tower system module. It is compatible with the
growing family of Tower expansion modules to support rapid prototyping as
well as software development programs.

The TWR-LS1021A module is engineered to enable a wide range of applications,
from IoT gateways to industrial controllers, secure access points and asset
management systems.

It features a high level of integration, excellent balance of performance to
power, and robust reliability. Its main strength is the outstanding level of
performance delivered by the QorIQ LS1021A processor incorporating dual ARM
Cortex-A7 cores running up to 1GHz and delivering more than 5,000 Coremarks
of performance.

The module offers higher integration levels than any previous Tower main
processor board, enabling true single board designs to be supported and
reducing both design effort and complexity, says the company.

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