Touch-screen LCD kit save development time in embedded-control applications

30-01-2015 | Digikey | Design & Manufacture

Optimized to save development time in typical embedded-control applications, Digi-Key now stocks the FDI DK-43WQH-1788 touch-screen LCD kit. The kit's modular format uses a base Carrier Board, a core CPU SOMDIMM and an LCD Carrier Board. The base Carrier Board includes expansion connectors for added flexibility and a range of configurations. Kit contents : * SOMDIMM-LPC1788 board * CARRIER board * LCDCARRIER board, Hitachi 4.3" WQVGA LCD touch screen * 5VDC, 2.3 A power supply, USB and Ethernet cables * Segger JTAG debugger with cables

By Electropages Admin