Self-powered booster module converts low DC voltage inputs to higher AC or DC voltages

12-01-2015 | Digikey | Power

A self-powered voltage-booster module that converts a low DC voltage input
to a higher AC or DC voltage output - the Advanced Linear Devices EH4205 is
now available from Digi-Key.

The module is suitable for many low-power energy-harvesting applications
using photodiodes, thermoelectric or electromagnetic generators as the input

The EH4205 does not need a separate power supply to operate, and it derives
its power directly from the low input voltage source. The EH4200 Series
draws input power levels starting at as low as 200µW, which enables an
on-board, self-starting oscillator. The EH4205 features nominal input
impedance of 50ohm, making it suitable for many different energy-generating

The EH4205 is designed primarily for driving loads such as the ALD
EH300/EH301 series energy-harvesting modules. The AC outputs of the EH4205
are connected directly to the input terminals of the EH300/EH301 series
energy harvesting modules with a two-wire cable.

The units can also be used for trickle-charge applications such as a battery
or super-cap charger, including situations where the energy input is not
well controlled or regulated. For certain applications, the EH4205 can also
be used without the EH300/EH301 series energy-harvesting modules.

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