New Bluetooth wireless all-in-one LAN modules for automotive applications

27-01-2015 | Alps | Subs & Systems

ALPS is now mass producing the UGZZF Series of Bluetooth wireless all-in-one LAN modules for automotive applications. The modules are seen as ideal for wireless connection between automotive equipment, such as car navigation systems, and mobile devices.

Smartphone functionality is being constantly enhanced and a shift from 3G to 4G LTE as the main communication standard has made high-speed, high-capacity data communication possible. This has given rise to a host of new services making use of cloud-based data, a trend creating spillover effects for the automotive electronics market.

Vehicle navigation, display audio and other automotive systems incorporate Bluetooth communication functionality for such features as hands-free calls and music playback using a smartphone or similar device. In recent years, however, wireless LAN is increasingly being added to enable high-speed communication with cloud networks via LTE-capable smartphones.

Additionally, systems which use Bluetooth, as modules that also contain an antenna, must have Bluetooth SIG certification, as well as any certification specified by radio legislation in each country. This necessitates spending an enormous amount of time and effort on examination and testing. Furthermore, many car audio and other automotive systems have CPUs with low processing capability, feeding demand for modules with integrated Bluetooth protocol stack and wireless LAN driver.

ALPS has responded to these needs, developing the antenna-integrated UGZZF Series Bluetooth/Wireless LAN All In One Module for Automotive Use. By incorporating the Bluetooth protocol stack into the module, ALPS takes responsibility for obtaining for the module both Bluetooth certification and certification required by regional radio legislation. The module is also equipped with a wireless LAN driver, enabling Wi-Fi connections without burdening the host CPU. Supporting both Bluetooth and wireless LAN communication with a single package, the module meets the requirements of a wide range of customers and also helps to reduce the antenna and system design and testing, software development and certification workload of equipment manufacturers.

RF and simulation technologies acquired by ALPS over the years were applied to optimize circuitry affecting anenna characteristics, allowing integration of the antenna into the module, says the company.

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