Distrelec: Introducing EVA, The Affordable Solution to Automation | Automata

We invited Oliver from Automata to introduce EVA and its various uses for the business of all sizes through a live demonstration and a Q&A. Watch this webinar to discover the advantages of robot EVA, its technical specifications and capabilities. Part of the webinar presents a live demonstration on how to use and programme this industrial robot.

EVA is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for labs and manufacturers. Compared to traditional robotics, EVA is often less affordable and much easier to use. The industrial robotic arm will fit in any workflow without any separated box or substantial cage.

The industrial robot is very easy to programme and agile, almost like a human arm. EVA is the ideal answer for automating the repetitive, monotonous, and physically demanding jobs that are still carried out by humans today. It’s suitable for highly repetitive activities that don’t require expert personnel.

EVA allows people to develop in Industry 4.0, linked to IIoT and smart manufacturing. It combines physical manufacturing and operations with smart digital technologies, machine learning, and big data to create a more holistic and linked environment for manufacturing and supply chain management firms.

In manufacturing automation, EVA, the industrial arm robot provides machine tending, product testing processes, inspection and lightweight picking and sorting. It can be programmed in just 30 minutes and accessed through a web browser. 


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