SolidSands: How to accelerate ISO 26262 product development and commercialization - Joint webinar with CS Group

Software solutions play an ever-increasing role in safety-critical automotive applications such as ADAS systems. Automotive product innovations are software-driven, and given the highly dynamic and distributed ecosystem, OEM and Tier 1 suppliers are increasingly using software libraries to accelerate their development and product commercialization. These libraries are usually designed for PC-desktop applications, where safety is not an issue. 

What happens when you decompose your software and realize that you highly depend on the C standard library? 

  • Can you trust the library in your environment and on your target hardware? 
  • Is the library safe? Shall you run another testing campaign and, if so, based on which requirements? 
  • Are you still compliant with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard? 

CS Group will introduce the ISO 26262 expectations regarding standard library usage and associated challenges in this joint webinar. Solid Sands will demonstrate how you can tackle these challenges with the SuperGuard C Library Safety Qualification Suite, which provides you with everything you need to safely use the C standard library. 

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