Distrelec: How to choose the right power supply with Traco Power

Are you an analogue design circuit engineer, test engineer, or test technician? If you would like help finding the ideal DC/DC power supply according to your requirements and how to properly select and pass your power components, you’ve come to the right place. In our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn which measurement values you might need, what you need to establish to find a solution, and which measurement errors to avoid.

In this expertly led session, Michael Bruderer explains that by integrating DC/DC converters into your new designs, you embed possibilities for many needed and useful elements. Finding the ideally matching DC/DC converter isn’t always easy, as the huge variety of the product portfolio poses a challenge. We’ll help you meet functional and budget targets and find the most efficient and compact solution.

Watch the full recap of our webinar in collaboration with Traco Power and find out how to choose the correct power supply for your application!


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