World's First Multi-Turn Single Chip Position Sensor by Analog Devices at Sensors & Test

Analog Devices has unveiled the world's first multi-turn single-chip position sensor, the ADMT4000, which offers a revolutionary approach to angle measurement. Enda Nicholl, marketing manager for magnetic sensors, describes this groundbreaking technology as a game-changer for various applications. With a measurement range of up to 16,500 degrees or 46 turns, the ADMT4000 surpasses the limitations of traditional angle sensors that are confined to 360 degrees.

The ADMT4000 simplifies rotary-to-linear actuator systems, making it an ideal solution for industrial automation equipment, XY tables, robot arms, humanoid robots, cranes, hoists, and lifts. Positioned at the back of a PCB, the sensor utilizes a magnet attached to a rotating shaft. As the shaft rotates, the chip accurately measures both the angle and the number of turns, providing multi-turn functionality. Notably, this sensor operates without contact and power, ensuring precise angle measurement even during power-down cycles.

The ADMT4000 is set to be released to the market in early 2024. For more information on this innovative product, visit Analog Devices' website at


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