Unveiling Next-Generation Power Semiconductors with Navitas at PCIM Europe 2023

Stephen Oliver from Navitas Semiconductor discusses the company's groundbreaking technologies and product offerings at PCIM 2023.

Key Products and Features:

  1. Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology: Navitas offers GaN fast technology for next-gen power semiconductors.
  2. GeneSiC Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology: Navitas introduces SiC technology for improved efficiency and performance.

650V Generation 5 Schottky Diode: Navitas launches the 650V Generation 5 Schottky diode family with low VF loss and a wide range of current ratings. It's the first silicon carbide Schottky diode in an 8x8 QFN package.

SiC Power Modules: Navitas enters the high-power module market with Sick Pack, a SiC power module solution. It covers various industrial applications up to 6500V.

Conclusion: Navitas Semiconductor pioneers GaN and SiC technologies, transforming power semiconductors. Their latest offerings include the 650V Generation 5 Schottky diode family and SiC power modules.

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