Scale-iFlex LT NTC - A New Product by Power Integrations

Dr. Schmidt, a product marketing engineer at Power Integrations, introduces Scale-iFlex LT NTC, the latest addition to their product family designed for paralleling power modules.

Key Features

  • Parallelic Performance: Scale-iFlex LT NTC enables seamless paralleling of up to four LV-100 power modules, maximising power capabilities.

  • NTC Feature: Each module includes a built-in NTC feature for temperature readout and live regulation of the cooling system, improving power semiconductor utilisation.


  • Integration and Cost Efficiency: With a highly integrated design, Scale-iFlex LT NTC eliminates the need for additional NTC circuitry, reducing complexity and costs for the customer's system.

  • System Reliability: The reinforced isolation and accurate temperature monitoring enhance system reliability and performance.

Heading: Availability and More Information

Scale-iFlex LT NTC is currently in the engineering phase, with plans for serious production by the end of the year. For more information, visit and search for "Scale-iFlex LT NTC


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