Infineon Brings Rust Programming Language to Embedded Systems and Introduces NFC Solutions

Infineon has recently announced official support for the Rust programming language in their AURIX and ORYX microcontrollers, making them the first major semiconductor manufacturer to do so. Rust is a modern systems programming language that emphasises memory safety, performance, and concurrency. Infineon aims to develop a standardised ecosystem for Rust on embedded systems, focusing on safety and reliability features. In addition, Infineon has introduced NFC solutions, such as a battery-less smart lock that harvests energy from the NFC field.

Key Products and Features:

Rust support for AURIX and ORYX microcontrollers

  • Emphasises memory safety, performance, and concurrency
  • Aims to develop a standardised ecosystem for embedded systems

NFC Solutions

  • Energy harvesting with NFC
  • Battery-less smart lock solution
  • Single-chip solution with integrated components for efficient power management and motor control


Infineon's website:

Infineon's developer community:

In the video, a demonstration of the NFC solution powering a battery-less smart lock is shown. The smart lock uses a single-chip solution with an antenna and a capacitor to store energy, which is then used to control the motor. The NFC technology also provides communication between the mobile phone and the lock for authentication and data transfer.


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