Infrared Gesture Recognition Module for HMI Applications

Touchless user interfaces are a fast-growing technology trend, with increasing popularity in healthcare, access control, and consumer-based products. This technology enables human-machine interaction without direct physical contact. These systems utilize gesture recognition techniques to look for bodily motions such as hand waving or “swiping” and interpret those movements as commands. This method of interaction relies on data captured by light-sensitive devices like cameras or light sensors. Vision and optic-based systems are only dependent on reflected light. This is ideal for public spaces and noisy environments, where the background noise and ambient sounds make it difficult for language-based touchless user interface systems to accurately capture data. The CN0569 is a low-cost optical system for common gesture recognition applications. This reference design transmits pulses of infrared light into space and reads the reflected light data received by the light sensor. A gesture object (such as a human hand) which moves into this space reflects infrared light onto the light sensors. The reference design then detects this light and generates a response based on the object’s position. 

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