High-Reliability, Tiny, Ultra-Low-Power Arm Cortex-M4F Microcontroller with 12-Bit 1MSPS ADC

The MAX32672 is a 32-bit microcontroller that is designed to address security challenges that arise with edge connectivity. It provides a robust, secure, and low-power solution for securing entry points into the Industry 4.0 network.

The MAX32672 includes a secure boot ROM and features error correction on all embedded memories, making it a reliable option for securing vulnerable entry points into networks. It also includes ADI's full suite of cryptographic hardware accelerators, ensuring that all data transmitted is secure.

In addition, the MAX32672 offers high efficiency, flexible clocking schemes, built-in power management, and a flexible peripheral mix. This allows for more efficient use of board space and lower costs.

By using the MAX32672, you can secure and harden your edge points without sacrificing sensor processing. This microcontroller is an excellent option for anyone looking to enable designs with complex sensor processing while still ensuring the security of edge nodes.

To learn more about the MAX32672 and its features, visit the Analog Devices website.

Product link: https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/products/microcontrollers/MAX32672.html


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