Cambridge GaN Devices at PCIM Europe: Unveiling the H2 Series with ICeGaN Technology

At this year's PCIM Europe, Cambridge GaN Devices showcased their latest product offering, the H2 Series. Peter DiMaso, a representative from the company, introduced the series and demonstrated its capabilities.

Introducing the H2 Series

The H2 Series represents the second generation of ICeGaN, a technology that introduces an interface circuit to e-mode gallium nitride transistors. The addition of ICeGaN significantly improves ease of use, lowers system cost, and offers the best gate robustness and system performance in the industry.

The ICeGaN Advantage

ICeGaN does more than just enhance the functionality of gallium nitride transistors. It also provides higher noise immunity on the gate compared to standard e-mode parts. This technology can handle a maximum gate voltage of up to 20 volts, allowing for the use of standard MOSFET drivers. It boasts strong ESD protection, surpassing that of standard e-mode devices. Furthermore, ICeGaN features a current-sensing capability and has a Miller clamp implemented in the transistor, eliminating the need to use a negative voltage.

Product Demonstrations

DiMaso also demonstrated two applications of the H2 series in real-world scenarios. First was a 65W quasi-resonant flyback power supply which used the company's 240 milliohm, 650-volt device. This was presented in two versions: an evaluation board designed for design engineers to probe and a reference design optimized for a production flow.

The second demonstration featured a 400W Class D power amplifier and power supply. Enabled by Cambridge GaN Devices' 55 milliohm ICeGaN technology-based e-mode transistors. This design leverages the high-speed and clean switching waveforms achievable only with GaN.

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