AD7380-4 Family: Tiny Quad Sim-Sampling ADC (16-/14-bit)

 Delivering low noise at high sampling rates (up to 33 MUPS drive and 15MSPS measurement), this low latency signal chain delivers the noise and latency combination to meet faster control loop response time needs. 

In test systems like Source Measurement Units (SMU) or Hardware in the Loop (HiL), faster accurate measurement is driving the need for faster response times for precision digital control loops. Closed-loop systems like HiL and SMU continuously require faster response times without compromising precision performance to deliver a wider loop bandwidth test system. For HiL applications, this latency and precision combination enables a system that emulates closer to the actual dynamic system behaviour. Better emulation reduces development cost, time and iterations, leading to a more reliable end product. The signal chain platform approach allows designers to reduce development time but still deliver leading performance. The Precision Wide Bandwidth signal chains include carefully chosen precision component anchors like the AD3552R on the output drive channel and the ADAQ23878 and LTC6373 for measurement channels to allow trade-offs on the range, speed and linearity through either using software or BOM adjustments. This enables a more flexible platform system design tuned to the end-use case. 

This also means different end products can be tested with the same base platform setup. This low latency signal chain also has options that leverage more integrated component solutions like the ADAQ23878 uModule, which integrates the ADC, ADC driver and reference along with passives to reduce design selection and verification time at a system level. This integration at a component level, in addition to leveraging components in LFCSP (ADG5421F, AD3552R) and BGA (ADAQ2387x) packaging form factor, can help in small form factor high channel density systems. 

AD7380-4 Family: Tiny Quad Sim-Sampling ADC (16-/14-bit):


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