Solving Obsolescence in Semis with Flip Electronics & Resurgent

Exclusive Interview with Obsolescence Experts!

In a recent podcast episode, Robin Mitchell, the host of Electropages, interviewed Duker Dapper from Flip Electronics about their new acquisition and their role in addressing the obsolescence problem in semiconductor products. Flip Electronics specialises in bridging the gap between end-user product lifecycles and semiconductor lifecycles, offering solutions to the EOL (end-of-life) challenge.

Background on Flip Electronics: 

Flip Electronics was founded five years ago with a focus on solving the EOL problem for end users of semiconductor products. They identified the issue of longer end-user product lifecycles compared to semiconductor lifecycles and aimed to bridge that gap. Flip Electronics achieved this by purchasing finished goods and storing them in inventory, selling them over time to meet end-user demands.

The Acquisition: Resurgent's Role and Advantages: 

Resurgent, the newly acquired company, adds significant value to Flip Electronics by expanding their capabilities. Resurgent specialises in manufacturing semiconductor products through licensing agreements with original component manufacturers (OCMs). They acquire the rights to produce discontinued parts and replicate them using the same supply chain, processes, and quality standards as the OCMs. This ensures that the manufactured parts are identical in performance and quality.

Benefits of the Acquisition:

  1. Expanded Product Range: With Resurgent on board, Flip Electronics can now store and supply both finished goods and wafers, significantly expanding the range of products they can offer to customers.

  2. Lower Costs and Inventory Management: By purchasing wafers instead of finished products, Flip Electronics reduces financial commitments and lowers the cost of inventory. This allows them to supply a larger variety of products over an extended period.

  3. Enhanced Versatility: Manufacturing from wafers allows for greater flexibility and versatility in providing different package options and meeting diverse customer requirements.

  4. Assurance Against Counterfeits: The partnership between Flip Electronics and Resurgent guarantees customers authentic and high-quality products, eliminating concerns about counterfeit parts and grey market risks.

Future Opportunities and Solutions:

The acquisition of Resurgent not only strengthens Flip Electronics' distribution capabilities but also opens up new opportunities for partnerships with OCMs and end users. Flip Electronics aims to provide solutions to engineers facing challenges in obsolescence, offering options such as holding and supplying specific wafers for niche products or helping redesign and reproduce discontinued parts.


 Flip Electronics, with its recent acquisition of Resurgent, has significantly expanded its reach and capabilities in solving obsolescence challenges in the semiconductor industry. Their comprehensive approach, from acquiring licensing rights to manufacturing identical parts, ensures a seamless transition for end users and minimises the impact of EOL announcements. Engineers and companies in need of long-term product support and solutions can turn to Flip Electronics and Resurgent to overcome obsolescence hurdles.


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