Advanced buck regulator optimises power management for diverse applications

The AOZ1280CI, from WIN SOURCE, stands out as a versatile and highly efficient buck regulator tailored to meet the demands of a wide range of power management applications. This co

Power | 06-06-2024

High-side driver engineered for precision enhanced automotive control

The WIN SOURCE VN5E025MJTR-E is a high-voltage, robust, high-side driver from STMicroelectronics, created to fulfil the demanding needs of automotive electronics. This component re

Power | 04-06-2024

Efficient fibre optic solution improves network integration and performance

Available now from WIN SOURCE, the AFBR-57E6APZ is a versatile, highly integrated device tailored to various network communication applications. It is a prominent member of Avago T

Industrial | 03-06-2024

High-performance FPGA offers performance and cost-efficiency

The Xilinx Kintex-7 series, available now from WIN SOURCE, is designed to deliver an outstanding balance of performance and cost-efficiency for various high-performance application

Semiconductors | 24-05-2024

Advancing op-amp technology for battery-powered and portable applications

WIN SOURCE now offers the OPA2241UA op-amp designed by Burr-Brown (now part of Texas Instruments). The device exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in low-power, high-performance ele

Power | 21-05-2024

MCU is rapidly revolutionising embedded systems

The Altera EP4CGX150CF23I7N MCU, available now from WIN SOURCE, is a cutting-edge device rapidly transforming the landscape of embedded systems integration. As a flagship member of

Semiconductors | 09-05-2024

Accelerometer delivers optimal motion detection

The STMicroelectronics LIS2DHTR, available now from WIN SOURCE, is a cutting-edge accelerometer is fast becoming a staple in motion-sensitive applications. As a vital part of the L

Test & Measurement | 09-05-2024

Voltage translator simplifies voltage conversion

The Texas Instruments SN74AVC4T774PWR, available now from WIN SOURCE, is a highly versatile voltage translator, rapidly establishing itself as an indispensable component in modern

Power | 09-05-2024

Serial flash enhances advanced storage solutions

The S25FL256SAGNFI000 is a high-performance, high-capacity NOR flash memory series from Cypress, now part of Infineon. Available now from WIN SOURCE, the series uses advanced 65nm

Industrial | 07-05-2024

Boost converter drives innovation in portable devices

Texas Instruments TLV61046ADBVR is a highly integrated, high-output voltage boost converter. Available now from WIN SOURCE, it employs advanced current-mode control technology, all

Power | 07-05-2024

Revolutionising precision monitoring with low-power comparator

The LT6700HVIS6-3#TRMPBF is a high-voltage, low-power comparator from Linear Technology, a subsidiary of Analog Devices. The component represents advancements in precise monitoring

Power | 29-04-2024

Seamless integration of IoT security architecture high-security encryption chip

The Microchip Technology ATECC508A-SSHDA is a high-security encryption chip supplied by WIN SOURCE. It is designed to provide robust hardware security support for IoT devices and o

Semiconductors | 29-04-2024

Versatile MCU for advanced applications

WIN SOURCE now offers the ATMEGA328P-AUR MCU, a cornerstone of Microchip Technology's low-power, high-performance AVR 8-bit MCU series. This device employs an advanced RISC archite

Semiconductors | 29-04-2024

Universal LCD driver improves display capabilities

The NXP Semiconductors universal LCD driver PCF8576DT/F2,518 component, available from WIN SOURCE, is a powerful solution for connecting virtually any LCD with low multiplex rates,

Industrial | 26-04-2024