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USB connectivity solution frees developers from the complexities of firmware development

Silicon Labs has introduced a fixed-function audio bridge device that provides a simple, turnkey solution for transferring digital audio data between the USB and integrated I2S ser

Products | 21-04-2017

New wireless SoCs help developers tackle multiprotocol IoT challenges

Silicon Labs has had a major expansion of its Wireless Gecko SoC portfolio, making it easier for developers of all skill levels to add versatile multiprotocol switching capabilitie

Products | 16-03-2017

Enhanced OS offers developers a powerful approach to embedded design

Micrium OS, part of the Silicon Labs group, is the latest evolution of the proven embedded µC/OS RTOS comes with an optimized RTOS kernel, communication stacks, file system and gra

Products | 10-03-2017

LED bulb uses 80 percent less energy than incandescents

Silicon Labs is providing zigbee technology for the award-winning Element connected light bulb from Sengled. Their wireless SoCs and zigbee stack enable Element bulbs to connect ea

Products | 23-02-2017

Bluetooth SiP module has one of the smallest footprints for IoT end nodes

Silicon Labs has introduced what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest Bluetooth low energy system-in-package (SiP) module with a built-in chip antenna, offering a complete, cos

Products | 09-11-2016

New kit simplifies development of cloud-connected devices

Silicon Labs has introduced a complete sensor-to-cloud development kit that provides all the hardware and software developers need to create battery-powered wireless sensor nodes f


Isolated gate drivers offer ultimate protection for inverters / motor drives

Designed to protect sensitive insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switches in power inverter and motor drive applications, Silicon Labs has expanded its ISOdriver portfolio wi

Products | 09-09-2016

Industry’s first high-speed multi-channel PLC input isolators

Introduced as the industry’s first high-speed, multi-channel digital isolators designed to meet the demands of programmable logic controller (PLC) applications, the new Si838x PLC

Design & Manufacture | 08-08-2016

New USBXpress controller simplifies USB connectivity for embedded designs

Providing a simpler, faster way to add Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity to new and legacy embedded designs Silicon Labs has added a smaller, lower-power member to its family

Semiconductors | 04-08-2016

Multiband wireless SoCs break new IoT ground

Expanding its Wireless Gecko portfolio, Silicon Labs has launched the industry’s first multiband, multiprotocol wireless system-on-chip (SoC) devices for the Internet of Things (Io

Semiconductors | 01-07-2016

New low-cost high-performance tri-axial DC accelerometer

Silicon Designs has introduced four new low-cost high-performance tri-axial DC accelerometer families. The integrated plug-and-play vibration measurement devices are suitable for z

Test & Measurement | 21-06-2016

Cost and complexity of timing technology for coherent optical market reduced

Providing a high-frequency, flexible clocking solution that significantly reduces system-level cost and complexity, Silicon Labs has introduced a new family of jitter-attenuating c

Design & Manufacture | 29-04-2016

High-speed power delivery systems boosted by isolated gate drivers

Silicon Labs has launched a family of isolated gate drivers that solves a critical need for cutting-edge power supply designs. Based on Silicon Labs' proven digital isolation techn

Design Applications | 01-03-2016

Wi-Fi connectivity simplified with plug-and-play modular IoT solution

Silicon Labs has introduced a plug-and-play Wi-Fi module solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications where exceptional RF performance, small footprint, easy application deve

Subs & Systems | 24-02-2016