Latest resistor family offers powerful current measurement in the smallest of spaces

Isabellenhütte will exhibit its latest WAx resistor family at the PCIM. The family's resistance values are achievable in small sizes from 1mOhm to 0.5mOhm. With the latest resistor

Passives | 11-06-2024

Low-ohmic snubber shunt developed for high pulse loads

With fast switching operations in power electronics, such as in the automotive sector, voltage peaks can cause inductances, damaging or destroying sensitive downstream components i

Passives | 25-02-2022

Shunt-based management system offers precision current measurement in battery management

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB), Erlangen, is using Isabellenhütte’s shunt-based management system IVT-S for precision current measurem


Shunt-based ILF current sensor for lower-current applications

Measurement specialist Isabellenhütte has developed a new current sensor for lower-current applications. The ILF current sensor covers a measurement range of up to 60A and displays

Products | 07-04-2015

Expanded SMD resistor portfolio for medium and lower performance requirements

Closing a gap in its range, Isabellenhütte now offers resistors for medium and lower performance requirements in the SMD-mountable precision and power resistor segment. The exis

Products | 06-03-2015