Space industry’s first rad-hard and rad-tolerant quad power supply sequencers

Intersil has announced the ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH quad power supply sequencers designed to drive POL regulators that power high performance FPGAs and complex, multi-rail power

Products | 09-11-2017

USB-C buck-boost voltage regulator enables USB PD3.0 bidirectional voltage regulation

Intersil offers what it claims to be the industry’s first buck-boost voltage regulator for tablets, ultrabooks, power banks, and other mobile devices using the reversible USB Type-

Products | 13-10-2017

New radiation-tolerant plastic ICs to power small satellite mega-constellations

Intersil has introduced the first three members of its new family of radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs designed to support the emerging field of small satellites that will pro

Products | 26-09-2017

Robust transceivers deliver high working voltage and ultra-low EMI for IIoT networks

Intersil has two new high-speed, isolated RS485 differential bus transceivers that provide 40Mbps bidirectional data communication for IIoT networks. The ISL32741E offers 1,000VRMS

Products | 30-08-2017

Highly integrated automotive video camera instantly displays rearview live video

Intersil has announced the TW8844 LCD video processor that interfaces with the latest generation of automotive SoCs. The highly integrated device is claimed to be the first HD 1080


Small footprint and high efficiency PMIC for application processors and system power

Intersil has introduced a highly integrated programmable PMIC that delivers 91% efficiency at 1.1V output voltage for application processors, GPUs, FPGAs and high-performance syste

Products | 17-05-2017

New Li-ion battery pack monitor targets industrial and consumer battery operated goods

The new ISL94202 from Intersil is a high integration battery front end, measuring the cell voltages for three to eight cells. The full feature battery front end meets UL specified

Products | 08-05-2017

Highly integrated synchronous buck regulators offer high efficiency and reliable performance

Intersil has introduced five synchronous buck regulators that step-down 12V rails to point-of load inputs as low as 0.6V for MCUs, FPGAs, memory and peripheral I/Os. The newest mem

Products | 04-04-2017

Driver with integrated decoder for satellite applications reduces command and telemetry solution size

Intersil Corporation has introduced a radiation hardened 32-channel driver with integrated decoder that reduces the size, weight and power (SWaP) of satellite command and telemetry

Products | 02-03-2017

Small isolated RS485 transceiver offers breakthrough performance

Intersil Corporation claimed to have the industry’s smallest isolated RS485 differential bus transceiver designed to provide 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for Industrial Io

Products | 15-02-2017

Battery charger extends backup battery life of automotive ecall systems

Intersil has announced the ISL78693, a 3.6V single-cell battery charger that extends the life of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in automotive emergency call (eCall

Products | 23-01-2017

USB-C buck-boost battery charger family for USB on-the-go charging

Intersil has introduced two new USB-C buck-boost battery chargers that support bidirectional power delivery in ultrabooks, tablets, power banks and other mobile products. The singl

Products | 14-11-2016

New six-phase bidirectional DC-DC controller for automotive systems

Intersil has announced it is shipping the six-phase bidirectional PWM controller, claimed to be the industry’s first, designed to perform buck and boost power conversions between 1

Products | 10-11-2016

Lowest-power 14-channel programmable gamma buffer for automotive TFT LCDs

Announced as the industry’s lowest-power 14-channel programmable gamma buffer for automotive TFT-LCD displays, Intersil has unveiled the automotive-grade ISL76534. The device de

Products | 12-10-2016