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Circular power connectors for demanding industrial applications

Stocked by Lane Electronics, the LMH series of bayonet coupling, circular power connectors from UK manufacturer Weald Electronics meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 a

Products | 14-06-2016

Motorsport connector integrates clinch nut to save time and weight

Lane Electronics has added a new version of Souriau's 8STA circular connector to its product portfolio aimed specifically at the motorsport sector. Designed to save installati

Products | 04-05-2016

Versatile and robust sub-miniature circular connectors

Designed to suit a variety of applications where space is at a premium, a selection of plastic-bodied circular connectors is now available from Lane Electronics. Typical appli

Products | 26-04-2016

High-performance circular connectors for demanding environments

Weald's LMJ series of high-reliability, cost-competitive screw-coupling circular connectors is now available from Lane Electronics. Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-C-50

Products | 11-04-2016

High-performance circular connectors for demanding applications

Lane Electronics has announced it can readily supply customer-specified MIL-C-26482 circular connectors. The LMH Series connectors are designed specifically to meet the requirem

Products | 07-12-2015

High-performance stainless steel circular connectors for demanding environments

Lane Electronics now stocks a range of stainless steel circular connectors that meet MIL-DTL-38999 SERIES III. Manufactured by Souriau, the scoop-proof, high-density connectors f

Products | 22-06-2015

Heavy-duty brass connectors for harsh environment applications

Weald Electronics' heavy-duty LMG brass connector series is now available from Lane Electronics. Based on a heavy-duty brass shell, LMG connectors are designed for use in enviro

Products | 01-06-2015

Versatile connector can handle power and signal combinations

The versatile Positronic Scorpion connector series is now available from Lane electronics. Scorpion connectors are modular and can be configured for use as a power connector, a s

Products | 19-05-2015

Latest range of connectors targets electric and hybrid vehicles

Lane Electronics now supplies Souriau's high-power 38999 Series III circular connectors which are particularly suitable for electric vehicle and hybrid automotive applications.

Products | 29-01-2015

Wide selection of connectors and accessories satisfies specific motor-sport requirements

Lane Electronics has added to its Motorsport Division portfolio with a wide selection of connector accessories produced by sister Lodge Group company Weald Electronics. Lane’s

Products | 15-01-2015