New line of AC/DC power filters address EMC and surge compliance

CUI’s Power Group has added AC/DC power filters, designed to accompany its current portfolio of low power embedded AC/DC power supplies. The EMC-20 and EMC-30 series offer 20dB and

Products | 22-03-2019

Encapsulated AC/DC power supplies offer multiple mounting options

CUI has added 3W and 5W models to its line of low power encapsulated AC/DC power supplies. Offered in board mount, chassis mount, wire lead and DIN rail configurations, the single

Products | 15-02-2019

Waterproof USB micro B and Type C receptacles feature IP67 ratings

CUI’s Interconnect Group has added several waterproof USB connectors, with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67, to its USB product family. Protecting from moisture and environm

Products | 31-01-2019

Upgraded external power supply line meet new IEC 62368-1 standard

CUI has upgraded the majority of its external ac-dc power supplies to the new IEC 62368-1 standard for ICT and AV equipment. Set to replace the outgoing IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 s

Products | 08-10-2018

Stepper motor and encoder combo offers all-in-one motion control solution

CUI’s Motion Group offers a new line of stepper motors paired with their AMT11 incremental encoder series. The NEMA-AMT112S stepper servo motor family is available in compact NEMA

Products | 02-08-2018

Compact open frame AC/DC power supplies carry approvals for medical applications

CUI’s Power Group has introduced five new open frame series. These range from 180W up to 550W, to its line of internal AC/DC medical power supplies. The devices are certified to th

Products | 30-11-2017

Open frame AC/DC power supplies offer space and energy savings for IT equipment, industrial and consumer applications

CUI’s Power Group has continued the expansion of its portfolio of high density open frame AC/DC power supplies with the introduction of two new series. The VOF-180 and VOF-225A ser

Products | 03-11-2017

New high density power supplies come housed in low profile open frame packages

CUI’s Power Group has added 275W, 350W, and 550W models to its VOF family of open frame AC/DC power supplies. The VOF-275, VOF-350, and VOF-550 series are housed in compact, low p

Products | 20-10-2017

Power monitoring and switching system unlocks unutilized power in data centres

CUI released its second solution for unlocking power capacity in data centre and networking infrastructures. The ICE Switch, manufactured by the company, is a power monitoring and

Power | 09-08-2017

Medical AC/DC power supply series complies with 4th Edition EMC standards

AC/DC medical power supplies. The VMS-300A series, available in industry standard 3” x 5” open frame and metal enclosed packages, delivers efficiencies up to 94% and high power den

Products | 18-05-2017

AC/DC power supply series offers high efficiency in a small package

CUI’s Power Group has expanded its VOF AC/DC power supply family with the introduction of a compact 300W series. The VOF-300 series, available in open frame and metal enclosed pack

Products | 20-04-2017

New agreement offers variety of power supplies and converters from front-end to point-of-load

CUI have announced it has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics. In partnering with the digital team at Arrow, they will be able to utilize their establi


Open frame AC/DC power supplies ideal for space-constrained applications

CUI has announced a family of ultra-compact AC/DC power supplies in an open frame SIP package. The 3W and 5W configurations of the PBO series measure as small as 35mm x 11mm x 18mm

Products | 21-11-2016

New USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors expand proven portfolio

CUI’s Components Group has announced the expansion of its existing portfolio of power, audio and signal connectors with the addition of a USB product line. The new connector family

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 20-10-2016