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New power magnetics lab kit for engineering educators

Coilcraft has developed the Power Magnetics Lab Kit. The new kit is designed to help educators provide hands-on experience in their classrooms and instructional labs. The kit cont

Products | 01-07-2015

New shielded power inductors offer high current handling and ultra-low DCR

Coilcraft's new MLC75xx Series shielded, high-current power inductors offer Isat ratings up to 59.2A and DC resistance down to 1.2mohm for greater efficiency. Their soft saturatio

Products | 09-04-2015

New surface-mount current-sense transformers cut power dissipation

Coilcraft has launched the new CST2010 Series of current-sense transformers. The devices detect switching current up to 40A over a frequency range of 50 to 500kHz while also isol

Products | 18-03-2015

New high-current high-inductance power Inductors target electric vehicles

Coilcraft's new AGP4233 Series shielded power inductors offer a novel combination of high current handling and high inductance, making them ideal for high-current power supply and

Products | 23-01-2015