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New earth testing cable reels for professional R2 and earth bond continuity testing

Cliff Electronics has designed and manufactured new earth testing cable reels. These long-life, high-reliability cable test reels are intended for professional R2 and earth bond co

Products | 06-03-2018

Connectors offer system builders fast and simple panel assembly

Cliff Electronic now offers system integrators a new option of their range of FeedThough (FT) connectors. All models of their metal housed connector can be ordered with M3 threaded

Products | 08-01-2018

Fibre optic connectors offer high bandwidth and low noise signal connectivity

Cliff Electronics manufactures a wide range of optical connectors ideal for high-quality broadcast, AV installations, audio systems, home theatre, automation, instrumentation, data

Products | 24-11-2017

Connectors simplify system assembly and reduce manufacturing time

Cliff Electronics offers system integrators 1U, 19” rack panels pre-assembled with up to 16 of their FT connectors to simplify system assembly, reduce manufacturing time, component

Products | 16-10-2017

Expanded range of high quality, industry standard jack sockets and connectors

CLIFF Electronics has expanded their range of internationally renowned audio jack sockets with the introduction of a socket featuring gold plated contacts. Suitable for low level s

Products | 21-07-2017

Patented white dual DC power sockets accept both 2.1mm and 2.5mm diameter plugs

Cliff Electronics Dual DC Power Socket is now available in white to facilitate design into medical, domestic and personal electronic products. The white Dual DC Sockets are availa

Products | 29-06-2017

New dual USB XLR format connectors available with two different housings

Cliff Electronics has added dual USB2.0 and USB3.0 24mm Mounting (Rectangular) connectors to its fast growing range of XLR format standard and Feedthrough connectors. The new d

Products | 17-05-2017

High speed USB-C is latest addition to range of XLR format feed-through data connectors

Cliff Electronics range of XLR-Format feedthrough data connectors has been further increased with the addition of single and dual USB-C versions. The industry standard 24-pin fully

Products | 17-03-2017

Mounting panel simplifies panel building and system integration

Cliff Electronics has introduced a 1U 19” rack mounting panel to aid system builders with integration of their very successful range of XLR-Format FeedThrough connectors. The panel

Products | 23-01-2017

XLR feed-through data connector range now offers Firewire, BNC and HDMI

Cliff Electronics popular range of XLR-format feedthrough data connector range has been further expanded with the addition of Firewire, HDMI A-A and 50ohm BNC versions. The extensi

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 04-10-2016

Chassis-mounted 'gender change' USB sockets expand portfolio

Cliff Electronics has added two new connectors to its proven range of XLR-format feedthrough data connectors. The new chassis-mounted 'gender-change' sockets are available in USB

Products | 27-06-2016

High-speed USB Type C socket expands feed-through data connector range

The latest addition to Cliff Electronics' range of XLR-format feed-through data connectors is a USB Type - C format socket offering system integrators and panel builders a number

Products | 08-06-2016

Professional quality 3.5mm jacks expand audio connector range

Cliff Electronics continues to expand its range of popular audio jack sockets with a new range of stereo 3.5mm panel-mount switched vertical audio jack sockets. The FC68 seri

Products | 16-05-2016

Expanded range of XLR format feed-through data connectors

Cliff Electronics now offers system integrator and panel builders increased flexibility of control panel design with the introduction of a matt-black metal version of its wide ra

Products | 29-03-2016