Fibre optic connectors offer high bandwidth and low noise signal connectivity

24-11-2017 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics manufactures a wide range of optical connectors ideal for high-quality broadcast, AV installations, audio systems, home theatre, automation, instrumentation, data and medical equipment instrumentation, IT connectivity, industrial control and data acquisition and other high bandwidth signal connections.

The companies Feedthrough connector series includes SC Simplex, LC Duplex and TOSLINK EIAJ fibre-optic connection alternatives available in rugged metal shells or plastic and developed to fit into the standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel cutout, simplifying manufacture, panel design and improving design aesthetics.

John Hall, Cliff Electronics' managing director, comments: “Optical jacks are virtually unaffected by noise when transmitting and receiving signals between digital audio equipment and data systems, enabling high quality audio transmission and high speed data transfer. It continues to be adopted as a virtual standard in portable audio equipment and is becoming very popular in data-centres and instrumentation systems. With our feedthrough connector and jack options we can provide best-fit solutions for OEMs and Systems Integrators.”

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