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With nearly 900 exhibiting companies the Embedded World show in Nuremberg provides technology insights that will pretty much suit every visitor's needs. This event has always been... More
Feb 24, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Bring your own device to work may save companies a lot of money by reducing IT hardware expenditure, but it could cost corporations dear in cyber attacks. Most of us today are... More
Feb 19, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Engineering distribution giant Mouser Electronics have given their new partner Grant Imahara, a sneak peak behind the scenes with a tour of the Mouser warehouse. Celebrity... More
Feb 18, 2015 By Matt Walker
Any of you who have recently bought a new car will have quickly realised just how much of it is controlled by computers. You may be the owner that sits behind the wheel but much... More
Feb 16, 2015 By Paul Whytock
All of us humans are used to the idea of our pets having a micro-chip stabbed into them. But how about turning the tables and asking owners how they'd feel about being chipped? My... More
Feb 5, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Nobody wants a 'spaghetti Junction' of wires invading their space so wireless charging has to be a good idea and definitely the way forward. Industry pundits agree with that and... More
Jan 29, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Do nanotubes represent an asbestos-like risk to people working with them? This is not an easy question to answer despite it having been asked for a number of years and extracting... More
Jan 21, 2015 By Paul Whytock

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