Galco & Balluff Strategic Partnership Expands Portfolio

03-04-2024 | By Jack Pollard

Galco, a leader in the industrial and electronics automation sector, proudly announces a significant enhancement to its product line-up through a new partnership with Balluff, a global leader in providing high-quality sensor, identification, and network solutions for a wide range of automation requirements.

Enhancing Automation Solutions Through Collaboration

"Forming a new supplier partnership with Balluff represents a pivotal development for Galco. It enables us to offer our customers an even wider array of cutting-edge automation solutions," said Allison Sabia, president and CEO of Galco. "Balluff’s reputation for innovation and quality aligns with our mission to deliver the best products and support in the industry. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents to our customers and our company."

This new partnership will allow Galco's customers to benefit from Balluff’s state-of-the-art technology and solutions, further enhancing operational efficiencies and productivity in their automation projects.

Balluff’s Advanced Sensor Technology Meets Galco’s Expertise

“Balluff’s sensors are highly resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, built for demanding production conditions, and tailored for varying environments such as automotive manufacturing stamping, body shop, paint shop, and final assembly,” said Bob Marshall, vice president of engineering and services at Galco. “The superior technology of their components also allows us to provide targeted solutions for our customers in food and beverage, precision machining, and process automation,” added Marshall.

Galco's new supplier partnership with Balluff is a testament to its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the industrial and electronic automation distribution sector, especially in automotive manufacturing and production. By continuously expanding its product range and supplier network, Galco ensures it remains at the forefront of providing the latest technology and solutions to its customers.

About Galco

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Madison Heights, Mich., Galco is a leading eCommerce driven, OEM and MRO-focused distributor of industrial and commercial electrical and electronic control, automation, motion control, and power transmission products. Galco specialises in the distribution of hard-to-find products and offers a full suite of customer services including cross referencing, technical support, custom control panel solutions, engineered systems, and send-in and on-site repair. For more information, visit

About Balluff

Balluff stands as a global provider of premium sensor, identification, and network solutions for various automation sectors. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Balluff delivers state-of-the-art technology designed to enhance efficiency and productivity across numerous industrial applications.

For more information about Galco, Balluff, and their products, please visit

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By Jack Pollard

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