Transforming Excess into Opportunities with Waldom CEO Don Akery

22-02-2024 | By Waldom Electronics

Waldom Electronics is proud to announce the release of an insightful video featuring CEO Don Akery. In the video, Akery addresses the unprecedented challenges faced by the industry in recent years, particularly the surge in inventory levels reaching record highs, impacting distributors and end customers alike with a 20-30% increase.

In response to these industry shifts, Waldom has distinctive solutions aimed at transforming excess challenges into opportunities for both suppliers and distributors. CEO Don Akery provides a comprehensive overview of these innovative strategies in the latest video, offering valuable insights into addressing the pressing need to unlock capital tied up in slow-moving inventory.

The video serves as a guide for industry professionals seeking strategic approaches to navigate the current market dynamics. Viewers can gain actionable insights into optimising inventory management and capitalising on the evolving landscape.

About Waldom Electronics

For over 75 years, Waldom Electronics has been “The Distributor’s Distributor”, a Master Distributor of electronic and electrical components, selling exclusively to a global network of over 2,500 Distributors, never to OEMs or end-users. Waldom offers both manufacturers and distributors a wide variety of supply chain solutions while stocking over 200,000 unique part numbers from over 50 industry-leading Manufacturers, competitively priced at reduced Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) available for immediate shipment. Learn more:


By Waldom Electronics

Waldom is a Master Distributor of both electronic and electrical components, selling exclusively to Distributors, never to OEMs or end-users. We are proudly partnered with over 50 industry leading Manufacturers selling to a global network of 2,500+ Distributors. With over 225K+ parts in stock, available at reduced MOQs, we are your go-to source for reliable, high quality components.